VAULT REIT Conditions


Vault Account


Minimum Deposit

Annualized Distribution Rate


Distribution Frequency

Inactive Lock-Up Period

Active Lock-Up Period


500,00 €

From 7% to 12%

Quarterly or at the end of active lock-up period

1 to 3 months

12 to 36 months


500,00 US$

From 7% to 12%

Quarterly or at the end of active lock-up period

1 to 3 months

12 to 36 months


Inactive Lock-up Period is a period with a minimum duration of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months, in which the client can make their deposits. At this stage the deposited funds will not generate interest income. The inactive lock period ends at the end of the countdown which can be consulted from

Active Lock-up Period is a period in which the deposited funds will be activated as a loan for the real estate operation. This phase will begin once the minimum deposit targets are achieved.

Dashboard is the exclusive area where the customer can find updates on the implementation market data, the transactions in progress and to which operation their deposits is associated, information about financial position confirming the conditions of participation and instructions on how to enter in new operations or how to withdrawals.

Real Estate Operation, these are properties that are purchased with customer deposits which in this case act as financing. These can be properties such as land, apartments and houses. The type of operation can include both the acquisition of the asset for its subsequent renovation and sale or rental (or both), and the acquisition properties in projects under construction in strategic tourist areas by seeking both a surplus value at the time of delivery of the asset that a further return with rental property.


To participate in real estate operation, through EQapital Trust’s VAULT REIT, the client can make a deposit (SEPA or SWIFT) into his EUR REIT or USD REIT account. For those who are already customers, it will be enough to make an internal transfer from their EQapital Trust’ accounts.

The client has the possibility to add to their initial balance with multiple deposits during the Inactive Lock-up Period phase which, as described above, has a minimum period of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months.


It will not be possible to request the return of funds deposited in EUR REIT or USD REIT accounts before the natural expiration of the Active Lock-up Period or before the expiration of the additional period, as described below.


At the end of the Active Lock-up Period the customer will receive a report via e-mail with instructions to transfer the funds or re-apply them in the next operation under new conditions visible at Payment of interest will depend on the proposed conditions that can be found at

The return of principal and interest, can be quarterly, or at the end of the Active Lock-up period.


If the individual client is unable to achieve the minimum deposit or if the minimum fund necessary for EQapital Trust to activate the real estate operations is not achieved, the active Lock-up Period will not be entered. In this case, the client will receive an e-mail with a report indicating the status of their deposits and containing instructions on how to withdraw the funds. Instructions on how to leave the funds available to participate in the next real estate operation will be included in the same report.

Funds can be deposited into the EUR REIT account or the USD REIT account. If the funds are deposited in the EUR REIT account, the client will be advised to request the transfer of the funds to their USD REIT account.

Before activating the deposits and entering the Active Lock-up Period, EQapital Trust will send the client a report with information about the conditions of the client’s participation. The report will be sent to the e-mail address of the customer registered in the EQapital Trust Custody&Vault system and will be visible there as well as at

Before making deposits to the Vault REIT account, please visit to consult the conditions of participation for the current period.